Key link in the pig industry

PALI Group is fully engaged in the mediation of piglets, pigs and slaughter sows. On both domestic and foreign markets, we match supply and demand as closely as possible. Having our own slaughterhouse means we can derive the maximum possible value from the pigs.

Quality and animal welfare

The pigs we deal in are well known for their excellent condition, in terms of both quality and health. This is due mainly to the great care paid to the pigs’ welfare, diet, and living conditions by every party in the supply chain. We at PALI Group are proud to play our part in this. Thanks to our own specialised slaughterhouse and cutting plant, we can provide vertical chain integration. This means we can offer better chain management and quality assurance and that as chain directors, our production is improving all the time and more customer oriented.

Purchasing and sales

PALI Group has excellent, personal relationships with the pig farmers, so we know what we are buying and who we are buying from. We can guarantee expertise as well as quality.

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Pig farming

PALI Group is the regular partner to a great number of pig farms, for which we perform an important supporting and advisory role.

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We manage our own transport operation to take animals to and from the farms as well as to the slaughterhouses with dedicated, professional drivers and our own specially conditioned vehicles.

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PALI Group has its own professionally run pig slaughterhouse, which operates all year round and processes over 2,400 animals per day. The same site in Geldrop also houses a cutting plant.

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Cutting plant

In our cutting plant, at the same location as the slaughterhouse, we process the meat the day after slaughter.

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Pork sales

From our own slaughterhouse, we supply pork meat to the pork-processing industry. Click on the ‘purchasing’ link for more information about our livestock.

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