The power of Cooperation

At PALI Group, we're passionate about bringing people top-quality meat. To achieve that, we work as a team with our dedicated employees, trusted supply chain partners and valued customers. That's the power of cooperation.

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We are PALI Group

PALI Group is a real family business based in the Netherlands. For more than sixty years, we have been one of Europe's largest independent producers of pork, veal, and goat meat. Cooperation is the key to our success. We work together with our suppliers and livestock farmers, and we know them all personally. We also cooperate with our customers: meat wholesalers, catering wholesalers, restaurants and the meat processing industry in Europe and beyond.

Every day, we strive to achieve the perfect match between supply and demand. Because we have full control over every aspect of the supply chain, we can guarantee the quality and traceability of our products. Our entire team is committed to this. They know the industry inside out. They have excellent relationships with all their contacts, and they understand how the market works. That's what makes our company flexible, innovative and ambitious. We combine our expertise with unwavering determination, all while respecting people, animals, and the environment. That's PALI Group.

“At PALI Group, we have our feet planted firmly on the ground, and we share a sense of pride in the quality of our products”
Willem Jorissen, director PALI Group.

Our brands

  • Vitelco

    Vitelco is one of the largest veal specialists in Europe and provides in-house processing and production of high-quality veal.

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  • PALI Meat

    PALI Meat specialises in pork products. We have our own deboning hall and cutting plant, allowing us to maintain control over the entire chain.

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  • is the consumer webshop for pork and veal, offering great deals and delicious recipes.

  • Duke's Cuisine

    Duke's Cuisine provides top-quality fresh, cooked, and frozen meats to the hospitality industry. These are custom selected and portioned, and always responsibly sourced.

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  • Vitelco Leather

    Vitelco Leather supplies high-quality leather from its own calves for creating beautiful leather products.

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  • Livestock

    PALI Group is the trusted partner for livestock farmers, traders, and abattoirs. We ensure a perfect match between animal supply and demand.

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PALI Group is your trusted partner for buying and selling calves, pigs and goats, including arranging transport.

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PALI Group is always looking for new colleagues. Whether you're an experienced professional or a young talent, we want you on our team.

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At PALI Group, our aim is to be the preferred choice for high-quality animal products. By coordinating the entire chain, from animal to finished product, we guarantee the quality we stand for as a family business.




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