About us

About us Discover the story of PALI Group

PALI Group has a strong reputation in the calf, pig and goat sectors. To find out how we built this reputation, read our story.

Our mission

PALI Group is the best choice for high-quality meat and animal products.
From animal to end product, the links in our supply chain work together to deliver the guaranteed quality we stand for as a family business.

Our vision

  • Chain

    Quality is the sum of the links within the chain. Our role as chain director allows us to ensure that the origin of our products is crystal clear.
  • Product

    We bring responsibly produced, high-quality animal products to Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Responsible

    We devote every effort to achieving and maintaining a circular chain with respect for people, animals and the environment.
  • Cooperation

    A deal is a deal. We succeed by working together with our customers, our supply chain partners and our team of dedicated employees. Reciprocity lies at the heart of this cooperation.
  • Family business

    We are a robust family-owned company with short lines of communication and a clear long-term vision. For us, tradition goes hand in hand with innovation and agility.

Discover the story of PALI Group

  • 1959


    At a kitchen table in Eersel, livestock traders Tiny Paridaans and Bert Liebregts set up their own veal company: Paridaans & Liebregts B.V. Together, they lay the foundations of a company that will become a genuine family business.

  • 1969


    Tiny and Bert move into their first office on the Hint in Eersel. They work hard to expand Paridaans & Liebregts B.V., venturing into the pig trade.

  • 1989


    Paridaans & Liebregts B.V. continues to grow. The company now has ten employees. Tiny and Bert move to a larger office in Eersel.

  • 1990


    Paridaans & Liebregts B.V. becomes the co-owner of veal abattoir Vitelco. This allows it to expand its veal business with a new link in the veal production chain.

  • 1998


    Paridaans & Liebregts B.V. expands its pig-trading activities with the acquisition of Varkenshandel Verstegen of Volkel.

  • 2001


    Vitelco, the veal abattoir, becomes fully owned by Paridaans & Liebregts B.V. The integration of the companies leads to the creation of PALI Group that year.

  • 2003


    PALI Group's office moves from Eersel to the Vitelco veal abattoir location in 's-Hertogenbosch, and becomes the headquarters of PALI Group.

  • 2010


    PALI Group acquires its first climate-controlled livestock truck. This allows calves and pigs to be transported under the best conditions.

  • 2014


    PALI Group acquires the Diepop cold storage facility in 's-Hertogenbosch. Its name is changed to Vrieskade. The cold storage is used to freeze and store meat products.

  • 2016


    PALI Group acquires pork abattoir De Wit of Geldrop, Netherlands. This company continues under the name PALI Geldrop, strengthening the market position in pork.

  • 2019


    PALI Group's veal abattoir, Vitelco, becomes sole owner of the calfskin tannery that it had operated in partnership since 2014. This results in the creation of Vitelco Leather.

  • 2019


    PALI Group acquires Wijnen Meat, a pork processing company in Oss. PALI Geldrop and Wijnen Meat now form PALI Meat, offering an even wider range of products and even more customisation options.

  • 2021


    A webshop for consumers is launched: www.smaakvolvlees.nl. Smaakvolvlees.nl offers veal and pork products from Vitelco and PALI Meat. These can be ordered online and delivered to the customer's home at their convenience.

  • 2022


    Duke's Cuisine is launched, aimed at supplying fresh, cooked, and frozen meat to the catering industry. All products are pre-cut and packaged in convenient portions.

  • 2024


    PALI Group's own pig abattoir 'PALI Geldrop' is ceasing to operate. From 1 April 2024, PALI Group's pigs are being slaughtered at Compaxo, after which some of the pork will be further processed at PALI Meat in Oss.

Our brands

  • Vitelco

    Vitelco is one of the largest veal specialists in Europe and provides in-house processing and production of high-quality veal.

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  • PALI Meat

    PALI Meat specialises in pork products. We have our own deboning hall and cutting plant, allowing us to maintain control over the entire chain.

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  • Smaakvolvlees.nl

    Smaakvolvlees.nl is the consumer webshop for pork and veal, offering great deals and delicious recipes.

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  • Duke's Cuisine

    Duke's Cuisine provides top-quality fresh, cooked, and frozen meats to the hospitality industry. These are custom selected and portioned, and always responsibly sourced.

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  • Vitelco Leather

    Vitelco Leather supplies high-quality leather from its own calves for creating beautiful leather products.

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  • Livestock

    PALI Group is the trusted partner for livestock farmers, traders, and abattoirs. We ensure a perfect match between animal supply and demand.

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Quality in the chain

At PALI Group, we are known for the good quality of our veal, pork and goat meat products. We take great pride in this. 'Good quality' is also reflected in the way we work with our partners. And it is shown in our strict standards regarding food safety, working conditions, the environment, sustainability and animal welfare. Our quality marks and certificates are evidence of our commitment to quality.

More about quality

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