Identification & Registration

Identification & Registration Prioritising health

Healthy meat is crucial for public health. The mandatory registration of animals helps to guarantee safety and quality. This mandatory registration makes it easier for us to trace everything.

Comprehensive registration

All calves, pigs and goats in the Netherlands must be identified and registered, including imported animals. Each animal's data is stored on an I&R ear tag. Calves and goats have a unique ID code, while pigs are identified and registered in groups based on the UBN number (the livestock farmer's unique business number). This allows us to track each animal's movement and welfare from the beginning to the end.

Traceability of calves

As chain director, we are closely involved in the identification and registration of calves. Our track & trace system starts at the selection centre. All kinds of data is added as the animal moves through the system. Because the more we record, the more we know, right down to the data from the deboning hall. This ensures that each calf can be tracked and traced in precise detail.

I&R notifications for calves

At PALI Group, we have developed a tracking system that gives us complete insight into the movements of all our calves. Transparency is key. This system allows us to provide herd identification and registration for each veal farmer, including information on arrival, departure, and slaughter, as well as passport requests. All we need for this is an authorisation.

Are you a veal farmer? Authorise us

How to authorise PALI Group:

  • Request authorisation at
  • Note: Authorise our company Paridaans & Liebregts B.V.
  • Fill in the following details for Paridaans & Liebregts B.V.:
    • BRS No.: 201925022 | Postal code: 5222 AG | House no.: 19 (Veemarktkade)
  • If you are a Vitelco supplier, fill in the following details for Paridaans & Liebregts B.V:
    • BRS no.: 200434303 | Postal code: 5222 AE | House no.: 21 (Veemarktkade)

More information about outsourcing your I&R administration can be found in this manual from the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) (in Dutch).

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