Quality in every aspect

Quality should be present in all aspects of the meat production chain. We work on ensuring that every day.

The central theme in the chain

Quality is the central theme throughout the chain, from the care given to the animals on livestock farms to compliance with the (international) requirements applicable to transport, slaughter, and the processing of our products. Our internal quality department makes sure we meet all the required standards.

Transparent about quality

When it comes to quality, transparency is key. Animals and meat products from PALI Group can always be traced back to their origin. We also record what we do and how we do it in all other links of the chain.

Independent inspections & certifications

Numerous independent bodies visit our companies to perform inspections and audits. These organisations include KIWA KDS (official meat inspection), KIWA CBS (official meat classification), and the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). We also ensure that we meet the criteria of other regulators and (international) certification organisations.

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