Partner in livestock Calves, pigs and goats

Livestock farmers, traders, and abattoirs can rely on PALI Group. We ensure a perfect match between supply and demand and manage all practical aspects of the veal, pork and goat meat chains.

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Experienced partner in the goat meat chain

PALI Group has grown to be one of the largest partners in the Dutch goat industry. We work professionally and responsibly to bring people high-quality goat meat products.

Purchasing goats

PALI Group has been buying slaughter goats from Dutch goat farms for more than 30 years. We use our experience to guide and advise goat farmers and offer them competitive prices based on supply and demand.

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Goat farming

Dutch goat farms can rely on PALI Group's personal support and advice to help them ensure the well-being of their animals and achieve the best possible returns.

Goat farming


We largely handle the transport of goats and goat meat products ourselves with our fleet of specially equipped livestock trucks and a team of dedicated drivers. PALI Logistics manages all aspects of the transport process.

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PALI Logistics

Goat abbatoir

We entrust the slaughtering of goats to carefully selected partners. We handle the packaging and, where necessary, freezing of the goat meat ourselves.

Goat slaughterhouse

Our cold store

We freeze goat meat using tunnel freezing or plate freezing at our cold storage facility in 's-Hertogenbosch. Products are frozen at very high speed, guaranteeing the meat's quality.

Our cold store

Sales goat meat

Our goat meat products are sold through Vitelco, one of the companies within PALI Group. We have multiple locations in Europe and supply our products to customers worldwide.

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