High-quality Pig farming

PALI Group is the trusted partner of a large number of pig farmers who are all dedicated entrepreneurs with a passion for pig farming. The trade is in their DNA. We maintain close contact with all our pig farmers. They can rely on us for support and advice to help them achieve the best returns.

Healthy animals, high quality

The link between healthy pigs and good-quality pork is indisputable. That's why we want our pigs to live in the best conditions throughout their lives. To ensure this, we work closely with vets, feed manufacturers and other suppliers. We share our knowledge and expertise on nutrition and living conditions with our pig farmers so that we can all aim to provide a higher level of animal welfare together.

'Let's stay in touch!'

PALI Group values short lines of communication and personal contact. We believe in keeping our promises, being transparent, and making sure pig farmers can rely on us for timely answers to all their questions. Our dedicated teams of advisors and experts are on hand every day to offer assistance. They provide regular feedback on health overviews, or even the occasional informal phone call to chat about how things are going – it's all part of our service. Whenever possible, we visit farmers personally to give them advice and support or to just catch up.

More information about how we contribute to healthy pig farming?