Our own tannery

The calf hides and skins that are available as a by-product of the slaughtering process provide excellent raw materials for leather products. PALI Group’s business partner in this enterprise is Rompa Leder tannery in Rijen. The joint venture, ROMPA Tanneries in Lichtenvoorde, processes our fresh hides into what is known as wet-blue.

From hide to wet-blue

Immediately after slaughter, we trim the hides and skins, which we then weigh, select and refrigerate. Depending on the customer's requirements, we can then salt and preserve them in our refrigeration units. We process the hides that go to ROMPA Tanneries into wet-blue. This chrome-tanned leather has a blue-green colour and is still wet, which is how it gets its name. The advantage of this process is that we do not have to salt the hides first, which means the customer does not have to remove the salt later on. Using this method helps us reduce costs and spare the environment.



High quality

We are able to supply veal hides in every weight, colour and quality category. Our integrated production structure means our calf hides are of a consistently high quality.

Any questions?

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