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PALI Logistics transports livestock and meat products safely and responsibly in our specially equipped fleet of vehicles. Our drivers are our ambassadors. Well-trained and communicative, they have driven millions of kilometres, focusing consistently on animal welfare and product safety.

Short lines of communication

We largely handle the transport of calves, pigs, and goats ourselves. This allows us to maintain control over the quality of the transport. We ensure short lines of communication with traders and farmers. We can be relied on to keep our promises, and our transport is punctual and efficient.

These qualities are also evident in our other specialism: refrigerated transport. Here, personal communication and close consultation with our customers are key. We have our own fleet of modern refrigerated trailers, so we can ensure that our products are delivered to them safely and responsibly: to the right place at the right time, every time.

Optimal transport conditions

Most of the vehicles in our fleet are enclosed, climate-controlled livestock trucks. They allow us to transport our calves, pigs and goats under optimal conditions, unaffected by external influences. As a result, the animals' journey is smoother and calmer.

Professional and animal friendly

Our vehicles are equipped with drinking, ventilation and disinfection systems to further enhance animal welfare during transport. We are QLT-certified for transport, which is a mark of our professionalism and animal-friendly approach.

Focus on transport

All our trucks are equipped with onboard computers. These give our planners 24/7 insight into trip status, vehicle location and loaded/unloaded cargo. This eliminates unnecessary kilometres, reducing our CO2 footprint.

Authorised EU checkpoint

Rest stops are a legal requirement when animals are transported over long distances. These stops must be made at an authorised checkpoint. PALI Group has its own checkpoint in Oud-Turnhout, Belgium, which has the European High-Quality Checkpoint (HQCP) quality label. It also offers additional facilities such as a weighbridge and a spacious cleaning and disinfecting area.

If you would like to use the PALI Group checkpoint (Arselt 32, 2360 Oud-Turnhout, Belgium. Registration number: BE-SP125), weighbridge and cleaning and disinfecting facilities, contact Wil Strik via email at: or call +31 6 51 55 88 40.

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