Our added value

PALI Group is globally renowned as a committed meat production and trading company. We are able to add value to our products because we have control of the entire process. We support and manage the whole supply chain to guarantee excellent business results, superb veal products and respect for the calves.

  • Listing meat calves
  • Week 39
  • Rosé <8 months: €4.85
  • Young beef >8 months: €4.80

Role as intermediaries

Our role as intermediaries helps us add value for all our partners in the chain. We are able to support and guide veal farms from start to finish in such matters as handling I&R notifications. We are in direct contact with feed manufacturers, our Vitelco slaughterhouse and deboning hall and we know what veal production requires. Our knowledge and experience enable us to advise our regular partners on running their farms as effectively as possible. Click on the various links below to discover what role we play in the entire supply chain...

Purchasing and sales

We buy and sell unweaned calves, starters, white and rosé veal and young beef calves, young bulls and cattle of a consistently high quality. We regularly supply to veal farms, livestock farms and livestock traders.

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Veal farming

PALI Group maintains close contacts with veal farms, performing a supporting and advisory role. We also have our own starter stalls and white meat farms under contract, so the process is as streamlined as possible and a uniform high quality guaranteed.

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Livestock transport

We manage our own transport operation to take animals to and from the farms as well as to the slaughterhouses. For this purpose, we employ dedicated, professional drivers and have our own specially conditioned vehicles.

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PALI Group has its own professional slaughterhouse, Vitelco, which is specifically for calves and operates all year round, processing 400,000 animals each year. There is also a deboning hall at the same location.

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Deboning hall

Besides a slaughterhouse, PALI Group also has a deboning hall where we process the calves into boneless veal on the day after slaughter.

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Cold store

For freezing veal products, we use Vrieskade, PALI Group's own cold storage facility which shares the same location as the slaughter house and the deboning hall.

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The calf hides and skins that are the by-products of the slaughtering process provide excellent raw materials for leather products. At Vitelco Leather, part of PALI Group, we turn them into high-quality calf leather.

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Veal sales

We sell Vitelco veal products all over the world. As our sales market is so large, we need a constant supply of the right quality of slaughter calves. Click on the ‘purchasing’ link for more information about our livestock.

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