A personal partner for all parties

PALI Group is active internationally as a committed partner for calf, pig and goat farmers, dealers and abattoirs. We make sure that supply and demand are perfectly matched so that the livestock goes to the right place.

Collaboration throughout the supply chain

As a partner to every party in the supply chain, PALI Group can constantly monitor every link. This means we can keep an eye on the various processes and guarantee the very best quality. Together, we aim to create optimum conditions and great results.



We work closely with veal farmers, organising transport, slaughter and production of the best veal products.

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We buy and sell piglets and pigs, and slaughter sows. We provide the best available intermediary services and pig transport. We also supply customised semi-finished products.

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We are an active and involved partner, from the moment unweaned bucks are purchased to the sale of goat and kid meat.

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Guidance and advice

PALI Group has a team of experienced employees who make sure that our customers and suppliers - throughout the production chain - are given individual advice that is relevant to them. We also provide support regarding the composition of feed plans as well as scheduling fattening and delivery dates. Together, we seek to optimise the general quality and health of the animals while achieving higher yields, both technically and economically.

Regular contacts

We work extensively with regular contacts, which means that at PALI Group, you can count on familiar, trustworthy faces. Conversely, our people also gain a good knowledge of your organisation. The advantage of this is that they are in a better position to give you advice and focus ideas on your particular situation.

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Supply and demand

Our professionals focus their efforts on matching supply to demand. Along with the slaughterhouses and other customers, they examine where demand exists and then approach the livestock farmers to see how they can respond appropriately.


In-house transport

PALI Group runs its own livestock transport operation. Our drivers have been specially trained for this work and our own conditioned vehicles meet all current requirements.

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Any questions?

Please contact our specialist:

André Schouten

Backoffice manager
T: +31 73 624 20 13 E: a.schouten@paligroup.nl