From unweaned bucks to goat and kid meat

PALI Group is active throughout the supply chain. Our involvement starts with the purchase from Dutch goat farms and continues right up to the consumer. We manage much of the chain ourselves, which keeps the lines of communication short. We are able to follow the processes closely so we can guarantee the welfare of the animals as well as a high-quality end-product.

Personal contact

PALI Group is one of the largest partner companies in the Dutch goat industry. We were around when the first farms were set up for young bucks around twenty years ago. Our many years’ experience means we can offer goat farmers  individual advice to help them supply excellent, healthy animals. Click on the various links below to discover our role throughout the chain...


Purchasing and sales

We buy unweaned bucks from dairy goat farms and we regularly supply specialist goat meat farms, with which we maintain close contact.

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Goat farming

We work with regular farms, with which we have clear agreements. They feed, house and care for their bucks exactly according to our requirements.

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We manage our own transport operation to take animals to and from the farms as well as to the slaughterhouses, using dedicated, professional drivers and our own specially conditioned vehicles.

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Rather than slaughtering the goats in our own abattoirs, we have carefully selected partners who carry out this work. However, we take care of packaging and any freezing ourselves.


The hides that are a by-product of the slaughtering process form excellent raw materials for leather products. We sell them to a specialist tannery.

Sales of goat and kid meat

We sell our goat and kid meat through Vitelco. This division of PALI Group has a very extensive network of sales offices throughout Europe.

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