BIO certification for PALI Group

PALI Group has a highly integrated structure and, in our role as chain director, we make clear agreements with every link in the supply chain and we monitor the health and welfare of the animals. PALI Group has been active in the goat trade and the sale of goat meat for many years.

Skal Biocontrol, the independent organization for the supervision of the organic chain in the Netherlands, has audited PALI Group and awarded us the BIO certificate. With this certification, we want to distinguish ourselves from other suppliers and strive to become the best partner for the organic goat sector.

Recently, our various trading and production companies have obtained the BIO certificate. For the trade in organic goats, our livestock trading company Paridaans en Liebregts b.v. has been certified. Organic goat meat is sold through Vitelco's worldwide network and Vrieskade is used for packaging and storing organic goat meat. The BIO certification of all these companies has created a strong integrated chain for the sale of organic goat meat that is of course fully transparent and traceable.

We want to thank all our organic goat farmers for the confidence given to us and we strive to maximize the value of goats for the organic goat farms.

If you have any questions regarding PALI Group's BIO certification, please contact your own contact person within PALI Group or send an e-mail to geitenhandel@paligroup.nlIf you are interested in (organic) goat meat, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department via

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