Separate pig slaughterhouse

At our location in ’s-Hertogenbosch we run a long-established veal slaughterhouse, while in Geldrop we have been running our own pig slaughterhouse since 2016. All the pork products that we supply come from pigs slaughtered in a humane manner at this facility.


The pig slaughterhouse in Geldrop is operated with skill and sensitivity. Thanks to the sheer scale of our facilities, we are able to respond perfectly to our customers’ requirements. We have close relationships with our customers, we manage our processes effectively, and can guarantee meat deliveries exactly as specified.

We slaughter five days a week and make fresh deliveries six days a week.

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Assured quality

We monitor quality throughout the entire chain, and our operations in the slaughterhouse are governed by the strict rules of all quality labels. You can read more about this under the Quality heading.

We comply with all European and Dutch legislation and our site in Geldrop meets all current requirements. Our slaughtering process is permanently monitored by the NVWA (the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) and we are BRC and IFS approved. Our customers in the pork processing industry can be certain that all of our products are of first-class quality.


The EU’s Sanco TRACES system provides us with clear information about which animals are in transit on which cattle lorry in Europe. The system shows us the animals’ point of departure and destination, as well as any stops along the way. At the moment of departure, the consignee is aware of what deliveries to expect.

All of the livestock codes appear in the Sanco TRACES system’s digital certificate. For PALI Geldrop use code NL 214.



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