Freshly cut every day

In our pork cutting plant, we prepare your customised products freshly every day. Our setup means you can be absolutely certain that we always supply the meat according to your specifications.

We are also working on vertical integration with meat processing to enable us to bring about even greater chain management improvements and customer-driven production.

PALI Geldrop-cutting plant-pork meat-customized_DTZ4622.jpg

Worldwide delivery

Our slaughtering and cutting facilities offer the best, individual service to customers throughout the world. We deliver to the Netherlands, the rest of Europe and much of Asia. Thanks to the strength of our international network, we are able to offer customised services wherever they are needed and to add value to the whole pig.

Any questions?

Please contact our specialist:

John Poel

Commercial Director meat
T: + 31 73 624 20 60 E: