Calf purchasing

We select and purchase our calves with great care. Each year, PALI Group buys around 340,000 slaughter calves and 200,000 unweaned calves. The vast majority of our white and rosé veal and young beef calves are born in the Netherlands and Germany.

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Our own selection centres

When they are at least fourteen days old, the unweaned calves are first sent to our selection centres. In these assembly centres we sort the calves according to weight, species, class and general health. This means we can offer farms the calves that are most appropriate to them.

Unweaned and starters

Unweaned calves are young calves that have only ever drunk milk. Starters are calves that have been weaned off milk and also eat solid feed. PALI Group buys both unweaned calves and starters.

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Meat calves

‘Independent’ veal farmers can also count on PALI Group for support. As a partner throughout the supply chain, we are here to offer impartial advice, on feed for growing meat calves, for example.

We are happy to cooperate with meat calf farms in a structured manner, which enables us to offer targeted advice to help them achieve the best-possible results. We are also better able to plan the sale of their calves on the market. A partnership ensures better returns across the whole supply chain.

Trade in livestock

As well as unweaned calves, starters and calves ready for slaughter, we also buy adult bulls, beef breed cows that have calved three or four times and dairy cows for slaughter. We also bring together supply and demand for these adult cattle.

Our buyers regularly attend a number of well-known cattle markets in Belgium where all kinds of livestock is sold, including cows and bulls for slaughter, pasture cows and fattening bullocks.


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