Professional transport

PALI Group attaches much value to personal contacts and short lines of communication with suppliers and customers. It is for this reason that we made the conscious decision to operate our own lorries and employ trusted drivers. Our professional drivers are well acquainted with our regular livestock farmers and this way of working allows us to keep the quality and service under our own control.

Optimum circumstances

We want to transport the animals under optimum conditions, keeping their exposure to weather conditions to a minimum. For this reason, we operate fully-enclosed air-conditioned livestock lorries. Consequently, the animals are not exposed to stressful outside influences, and they therefore reach their destination in a calmer state. This is good for the welfare of animals and is beneficial to every party involved.

Each trailer floor features built-in sensors that enable the driver to view and adjust the temperature from the cab. Moreover, our lorries have drinking systems, height-adjustable roofs and a loading lift that in some cases includes a weighing system. Our drivers are specially trained to be permitted to transport livestock. They constantly monitor the hygiene and welfare of the animals.

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Transport tracking

An advanced, modern GPS tracking system continuously follows our livestock lorries, enabling us to help our drivers avoid adding unnecessary mileage to their journeys and to cut CO2 emissions at the same time. Through TRACES, we and the consignee have a good picture of the travelling livestock. This TRAde Control and Expert System (TRACES) is the European certification system that follows all flows of animals in Europe.

Quality and control

Our collection centres and transport operation have to deal with multiple checks by independent government and private inspection organisations. In the Netherlands, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit, NVWA) oversees the safety of the food chain and the health of the animals.


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Approved EU Control Post

During the long-distance transport of livestock, only approved control posts may be used for a compulsory stopover for animals to be let out and cared for. PALI Group has its own control post at Oud-Turnhout in Belgium. Baltic Control recognises this post (on behalf of the European Commission) as a High Quality Control Post (HQCP) and EU control post under registration number BE-SP125. This HQCP quality label represents an additional guarantee of the quality of our services.

If you would like to use this control post, please contact Wil Strik at or call +31 6 51 55 88 40.

Cleansing and weighing

At the same location as the official control post - Arselt 32, 2360 Oud-Turnhout, Belgium - we also have a weighbridge and a C&D facility. The 18-metre-long weighbridge has a maximum capacity of 70 tons. The weighbridge and the registered facility for Cleansing and Disinfection (C&D) are open 24 hours a day.

If you would like to use the weighbridge or C&D facility, Wil Strik will be happy to assist: or +31 6 51 55 88 40.

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Any questions?

Please contact our specialist:

Raoul Maas

Division Manager Transport
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