Veal farming

PALI Group has its own farms and starter stalls working under contract. We also work very closely with ‘independent’ veal farms. The livestock farmers we work with go to great lengths to provide the animals with excellent, expertly selected diets and housing (in groups) and care. Our specialists maintain close contact with the farmers. They provide excellent guidance at every stage of the animals’ growing process.

White veal calves

We select the lightest, unweaned calves (35-45 kg) for white veal farms where they remain until they are ready for slaughter. There, the calves are fed on milk and concentrates.

Most of these farms are under contract to us so we are able to determine exactly how the whole process is managed. With white veal there are strict requirements regarding colour, among other things, and by operating under a single, uniform method, we are able to guarantee top quality.

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Starter stalls

The heavier unweaned calves (>48 kg) are first sent to special starter stalls where they remain for nine or ten weeks until they have been weaned off milk and are able to eat solid feed. From here, the calves go to farms where they are reared for rosé veal and young beef.

The reason we use the heavier calves for the production of young beef is that they have a greater capacity for digesting roughage, although the type of feed can vary according to market demands.

Young beef calves

Under our own management and supervision, we fatten heavy unweaned calves that can be delivered as excellent starter calves after around ten weeks. These calves are suitable for both rosé veal (<8 months) and young beef (8-12 months).

There are also associated farms where the rosé veal calves and young beef calves remain throughout their lives. All the calves that are kept under our own management are ultimately sent to our own Vitelco slaughterhouse. Many of the unweaned calves and starters that we had previously sold on to ‘independent’ farms are also bought back for our production of top quality veal products.

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