At PALI Group, we like to treat our customers, business contacts, and each other with courtesy and respect. We regard a strong team spirit as essential: after all, we are jointly responsible for the results we achieve. Our organisation has an informal, personal atmosphere. This means that when we have vacancies to fill, we look for people who like us because of who we are and how we work. Are you professional, customer oriented and communicative? If so, you could become our new colleague.


Would you like to come and work at PALI Group? If so, we can offer you an attractive employment package and ample potential for growth. At PALI Group, we pay close attention to the ambitions and wishes of our employees. We attach great value to your personal and professional development, and invest accordingly in targeted coaching and training. If you are given the chance of growing as a person and as a professional, then, ultimately, we and our customers will benefit too. This is how we see things at PALI Group.

If you are interested in a career with us

Please send your application (unsolicited or otherwise) to:

Susan Somers

Director HRM
T: +31 73 624 20 20 E: