Purchase of bucks and she-goats

PALI Group buys the young bucks and milked-out she-goats from Dutch goat farms. We have direct contact with breeders and farms, and we also give individual advice on providing optimal care to the animals and on setting up all the processes as effectively as possible.



Each year in the Netherlands, around 80,000 kids are born on farms that produce goat’s milk. The bucks cannot be used for milk production, so they are sent to a special goat farm 4-5 days after they are born.

PALI Group buys the young, unweaned bucks directly from the milk producers and takes them to the goat farms where we advise our partner farmers on how they can supply an excellent, healthy buck.   

Adult goats

In the Netherlands, there are around 350 goat farms, most of which are in contact with PALI Group. We buy young bucks and we are also the regular purchasing partner for the goat farms whenever their she-goats are milked out.

When she-goats have stopped giving milk or no longer produce enough, they are slaughtered and their meat sold.

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Any questions?

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