Identification and registration

For PALI Group, the health of the calves is paramount, and we carry out strict checks to monitor this. An expert examines each animal individually and a vet from the country of origin carries out an additional assessment on all imported calves. We start our track and trace system at the selection centre.

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Traceability using unique ID CODE

Every animal in the EU bears an earmark with an I&R number for identification and registration. This earmark often has an additional barcode which allows us to scan the labels and digitally store the livestock codes. This means we can easily see what stage of life the animal has reached, where it is and where it has been.

We know where all the animals were born, who their mothers are and even the lorry and name of the driver that transported them. Every transport movement that the animal has undertaken is listed. It is very important to be able to quickly establish livestock flows in the event of an outbreak of a contagious animal disease.

Animal movements through Europe

The EU’s Sanco TRACES system provides us with clear information about which animals are in transit on which cattle lorry in Europe. The system shows us where the animals departed from and where they are going, as well as any stops along the way. At the moment of departure, the consignee is aware of what deliveries to expect.

All of the livestock codes appear in the Sanco TRACES system’s digital certificate. For all calves imported from SKV affiliated companies this data is also recorded in the Guarantee System for Tracing SKV Veal Calves (GTSKV).


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Starter calves

As well as sales of unweaned calves, PALI Group also specialises in supplying uniform pairs of starter calves. These animals are reared by expert companies and we transport them in specially selected age groups to young beef and rosé veal farms. To their identification and registration records are added the medical records kept by the previous farmer.

Together with the rest of the supply chain, PALI Group is seeking to gain a better understanding of antibiotics and to reduce their use. Ultimately this will benefit the health of us all.

Expert support

Over the years, we have worked with outside specialists to develop a perfect means for gaining a detailed picture of all animal movements, and this has enabled us to provide the identification and registration of livestock for every farmer. If a  farmer authorises us to do so, we can arrange I&R notifications for the relevant UBN, from delivery and transport to the abattoir to slaughter notification.

We can also send a business register by e-mail and, in the case of starter calves, this will be accompanied by a medicine register.


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