Japanese chefs visit Vitelco

As part of the 'Trusted Veal from Europe' campaign, the COV (Central Organization for the Meat Sector), launched a Chef's Contest in Japan last year. Chefs from all over Japan submitted veal recipes and six chefs were invited to the finale on 28 November 2018. The prize was a study trip to the Netherlands.

Two chefs won the competition: Chef Takuma Hayashi, employed at Hotel Okura and Chef Yaguchi Mitsumasa employed at Resorttrust. On Monday January 7, they flew to the Netherlands, accompanied by Takizawa Takayuki, journalist at Shibata Publishing and Henk de Bruin, business consultant at Japan food tours and interpreter for the Japanese chefs.

One part of the study trip was a visit to Vitelco. We are proud of our chain management and wanted to show the chefs a number of links in the chain. Therefore, Roelof van Buren, account manager at Vitelco, took them to one of our distribution centers, where the calves are collected. For the first time in their lives they stood next to a calf…. what a special experience!

Onno Hidding, division manager livestock farming, explained how veal farms operate and that animal welfare, traceability and food safety are of paramount importance. A tour of our deboning hall showed our visitors how Vitelco can ensure that every piece of meat is traceable. And to finish it off, a tour of our tannery, where Twan de Bie, project manager at PALI Group, offered them a beautiful apron of our own calfskin.

The first day of their study trip was one of many impressions, which they enjoyed with great enthusiasm.

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