Purchasing and sales

PALI Group can call on many years’ experience and our good name in the industry. We offer our customers real added value. The market for pigs is constantly changing and we make sure we choose the right time and place so the pigs yield the best returns. We process financial transactions quickly and accurately.

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Pigs and piglets

We take great care when it comes to purchasing of piglets, keeping a close eye on where market demand lies. For each type of pig and piglet, we look for the most suitable buyer from a wide market both at home and abroad. We remove the slaughter pigs from your farm at an early stage, raising the health status of the farm and reducing the burden of diseases.

PALI Group helps keep the relationship between the breeder and the finisher transparent. We are committed to a strong chain.


Slaughter sows

We gather the slaughter sows at the selection centre several times a week, from where they are transported in lorries to our customers. We seek to get the best-possible value so PALI Group is able to pay its suppliers the highest possible price.

In order to limit the number of animal transport movements on the premises, we also take any piglets for slaughter that may be present.

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Pig sales

We sell weaners and slaughter piglets, pigs and slaughter sows. We are the regular intermediary for a great many European pig farms, who rely on our constant supply of weaners and meat piglets. As soon as we know what their requirements are, we make sure we offer them the products best suited to them.

Our own slaughterhouse

Together with the pig farms, we supply slaughter pigs that comply with the Varken van Morgen (Pig of Tomorrow) and Beter Leven keurmerk (Better Life Quality Mark) quality marks. The fact that we have our own slaughterhouse and cutting facilities means we can manage the entire chain.

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Any questions?

Please contact our specialist:

Mark Verstegen

Division Manager Pig Farming
T: +31 6 53 49 34 59 E: m.verstegen@paligroup.nl