Sales of goat and kid meat

When kids reach a weight of around 10-12 kg, they are sent to the slaughterhouse, which involves collaborating with specialist partners. When the animals have been slaughtered, the carcasses are returned to us. At Vitelco - a member of PALI Group - the meat products are then processed and sold. We package the fresh products that can be sold immediately in boxes. We can also freeze goat and kid meat products at our own cold storage facility.


A real delicacy

Goat kid meat comes from young goats (bucks). This meat is young, tender and a real delicacy, and because the animals have only ever drunk milk, the meat is white in colour. It is a high value product and even more exclusive than white veal. It is particularly popular in southern Europe.

Our goat meat is available in a range of cuts through Vitelco.

Stronger taste

Goat meat comes from she-goats. Due to a diet of large amounts of roughage and cereals, the structure of goat meat is different to that of goat kid meat. Its meat has a stronger and more robust taste, and has a distinct character that could be described as gamey.


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