Rompa Tanneries becomes Vitelco Leather

Rompa Tanneries becomes Vitelco Leather
In 2014 Vitelco, subsidiary of PALI Group, started a joint venture with Rompa Leder and together we set up and managed Rompa Tanneries. Vitelco and Rompa Leder have however decided to dissolve this joint venture and Vitelco took over the Rompa Tanneries shares from Rompa Leder. Vitelco is now 100% owner of the tannery and changes its name to Vitelco Leather B.V..

Part of the chain
Vitelco, PALI Group’s slaughterhouse, processes approximately 350,000 calves a year and the tannery in Lichtenvoorde is a perfect addition to its fully integrated supply chain. The calf hides and skins that are available as a by-product of the slaughtering process provide excellent raw materials for leather products. At Vitelco Leather we process our fresh hides into wet-blue, crust and finished leather.

Traceable to the source
Vitelco Leather ensures that production is completely transparent and as sustainable as possible. For each batch, we can trace exactly which veal farm the skins came from, the calves’ living conditions, their feed, how they were transported and when and where they were slaughtered. We control the entire supply chain, from the start of the process to the finished calf leather. We do this sustainably whilst taking people, the environment and animal welfare into account.

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