From calf to design bag

PALI Group, Vitelco, Rompa Tanneries, Rompa Leder and Stahl hosted ReVeal - a model for transparency in the calf leather supply chain

's-Hertogenbosch, November 3, 2016 – ReVeal. Under this name PALI Group, Vitelco, Rompa Tanneries, Rompa Leder and chemical company Stahl joined forces to bring full transparency and traceability to the leather supply chain. The Dutch initiative, held on November 2, reveals the path of all production process stages from calf to design bag.

PALI Group, Vitelco, Rompa Tanneries, Rompa Leder and Stahl - all leading companies in the leather production industry - continuously endeavor to make their production processes more sustainable: from better living conditions of cattle to reducing the use of chemicals during leather production. Consumer brands, designers and purchasers are now increasingly taking the whole leather supply chain into account. Accordingly, there is an increasing request for more transparency and traceability, with an important objective to reduce the environmental impact throughout the supply chain. The Netherlands based companies joined forces to organize the interactive ReVeal event. At ReVeal, they presented to various consumer brands how high-quality Dutch calf leather can be produced for their leather goods, footwear and garments. ReVeal brought full transparency through each stage of the calf leather supply chain and included a visit to farms and a tannery. This gives decision makers a better view on alternatives that improve animal welfare and reduce the environmental impact without compromising on leather quality. ReVeal sets a worldwide example for transparency and traceability in the leather supply chain.

Made in NL
Keeping the full leather production process in the Netherlands has multiple benefits. Excessive transportation is avoided, fewer processing steps are necessary and no salt is needed to preserve skins. Thanks to the owned farms, animal welfare and good labor conditions are guaranteed. During ReVeal, luxury brands could trace where and under what conditions the leather articles have been produced. ReVeal also addressed certain environmental issues associated with leather processing.

About the initiators
Stahl is the worldwide market leader in specialty chemicals for leather processing. The Dutch company believes that by initiating transparency in the supply chain, a more sustainable industry can be achieved as a consequence. The Dutch PALI Group is a worldwide operating livestock trading company and a large producer of veal. Key subsidiary Vitelco is responsible for selling numerous calfskins to tanneries who supply leading luxury brands. Vitelco has its own durable farms, slaughterhouse and tannery and therefore controls the entire supply chain. Rompa Tanneries is the tannery of Vitelco and Rompa Leder and is based in Lichtenvoorde in the Netherlands. The tannery is fully equipped to process calf skins from fresh hides to finished leather. Rompa Leder has years of experience in tanning high-quality leather for luxury brands.

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